The Photoelectric Effect





Photon Density

0.01 1

Voltage (V)

0 5
Record Data Point
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Getting Started

This DLO is a virtual reproduction of Millikan's photoelectric experiment.
Use either the input box or the slider bar to adjust the wavelength of incoming photons. Adjust the photon density slider to change the photon density or the number of photons of incoming light. The Voltage slider will create an electric field to oppose the electrons' motion.
The Record Data button will record the cathode used, the voltage, the current, the frequency, and the wavelength.
To change the cathode, select it from the Options menu under Metals.
For more help with this DLO, see the Getting Started page under the Help menu.


Name: The Photoelectric Effect
Version/Date: Version 3.1, 30 Aug 2021
Authors: Marc-Olivier Lajeunesse, Tyler deBoon, Dr. Rob MacDonald, Andrew Martin, Dr. Brian Martin, Dr. Peter Mahaffy,
Contact: Visit for contact information